VERSOR ENGINEERING is a world-renowned and valued manufacturer of machines and equipment used in the printing industry.

The company has been continuously operating in the sector of packages production and printing for over 30 years. Its focus is on the development and production of reliable printing machinery. The company places particular emphasis on innovative solutions, materials of the highest quality and precise adjustment to clients’ needs.

Our team is built by highly qualified specialists of vast thorough technical knowledge and long-term experience. Present company’s activities are mostly directed to the constant development and specialization in non-standard structures. Our company strives for the design and production of machines and devices of the highest quality and durability on the market. We use the latest software for the production process. We also have the highly-specialized department of CNC mechanical processing and we also implement detailed procedures for quality control at each stage of production. Therefore we succeed to introduce failure-free machines to the market which reliability is appreciated by more and more clients. The products that are offered by VERSOR ENGINEERING are unique because of their above-average durability, modern design and ease of operation and maintenance. The highest precision that is given to the performance of components and uncompromising quality control at each stage of production add up to the reliability of the final product.


VERSOR ENGINEERING is a world-renowned and valued manufacturer of machines and equipment used in the printing industry.

ISO management standards (ISO9001)
30 years of experience
European product
Flexible production solutions
High-class components
From unit production to serial production


Sale of spare parts

About us

Do you operate within the paper industry sector? Would you like to equip your printing house with state-of-the-art tape applicators or other equipment? With more than 30 years of experience, our company is a leading producer of printing machines and devices. Ever since, we have been applying the best practices in terms of quality and efficiency. Our main goal is to create and apply solutions that will improve the performance of your company. We are sure that you will find here the best solutions for all sorts of paper-related operations such as package and cardboard processing, tape dispensing or quality inspection.

Our catalogue
Come and see our offer of efficient and modern solutions for the printing industry! Our catalogue contains:

• folder-gluers,

tape applicators,

e-commerce machines – to guarantee the best quality,

• machines for paper and cardboard processing,

• other devices and accessories used widely in the printing industry – including visual inspection systems and solutions used for Braille writing,

• automatic die-cutting machines – enable almost unlimited possibilities in terms of paper and cardboard design.

Do you need just a few applicators or folder-gluers for your paper production process? Or maybe tape dispensers? We offer flexible solutions perfectly tailored to your needs!

Whether you are looking for a compact folder-gluer or an efficient inspection device, you can always trust the quality of our products. The high standard and durability of our solutions are guaranteed by an ISO certificate.

Professional maintenance of printing systems

We offer maintenance services for our customers. You can count on us if your folder gluer, automatic tape applicator or cardboard processing device suddenly malfunctions. Describe simply the fault in a special contact form. We will inspect your case and let you know what to do next. We also have our own stock of spare parts available for sale, in case you needed to resupply.

Contact us

Do you have some extra questions concerning our tape dispensers, folder-gluers or cardboard processing machines? Do you want to ask about the availability of some of our products? Feel free to contact us! We will be most happy to answer all your questions.