Folder-Gluers: Cutting-edge solutions for the printing industry

For more than three decades, VERSOR ENGINEERING has been at the forefront of manufacturing folder-gluers, technologically advanced devices that have become indispensable in the printing industry. These machines, renowned for their precision and efficiency, play a pivotal role in modern printing and packaging processes.

At the heart of VERSOR’s product line are the cardboard gluers, specifically designed to cater to a wide array of packaging requirements. The company’s extensive portfolio includes versatile 3-point and 4-point folder-gluers, each engineered to handle different types of packaging tasks with ease and accuracy. These machines are not just known for their performance but also for their adaptability, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of various packaging production needs.

The compact design of these folder-gluers belies their robust performance and reliability. Engineered to ensure the highest quality output, they consistently produce durable and precisely folded and glued products, adhering to the stringent quality standards demanded by the industry.

Moreover, VERSOR ENGINEERING’s range extends beyond standard folder-gluers. The company also specializes in developing specialized equipment for cardboard forming, and the production of boxes. These machines are ideally suited for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, demonstrating VERSOR’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for the printing sector.


Folder-gluers VERSOR: technological superiority

VERSOR Folder-Gluers represent the forefront of graphic arts technology, offering solutions that significantly surpass current industry standards. These advanced machines are designed with versatility and adaptability in mind, allowing for the creation of a diverse array of packaging configurations – from simple one-point to complex four-point structures.

Thanks to our unique approach to modularity, our folder-gluers allow for rapid and efficient expansion and customization to meet the specific requirements of a project or evolving market trends. This flexibility makes them an ideal choice for businesses striving to keep pace with dynamically evolving customer expectations and continuously changing industry standards.

The innovativeness of these devices is also evident in their ability to execute special projects on a custom order basis. The capability for personalization and adaptation to unusual requirements makes VERSOR Folder-Gluers not just production tools but also partners in creating unique and innovative packaging solutions. Their advanced technology, combining precision, speed, and reliability, is key to creating packages that not only protect the product but also attract attention and stand out on store shelves.

Design and modularity: Adaptation and efficiency

The design of our Folder-Gluers is characterized by an open worktable with transport rollers, enhancing accessibility and control in the production process. The ability to install additional elements, such as gluing systems, envelope gumming, or printing, allows for significant expansion of the machine’s applications. Thus, these machines are an ideal solution for companies looking for versatile packaging production equipment.

Performance and reliability: Keys to production success

VERSOR Folder-Gluers are designed for maximum efficiency and downtime minimization. With advanced technical solutions, these machines can maintain high production quality even under intense usage. This makes them indispensable tools in fast-paced and demanding production lines.

Personalization for individual needs

We understand that every client has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer customized solutions, adapting the equipment and functionality of the folder-gluer to individual production needs. This includes changes in format sizes as well as the addition of specialized equipment. Our flexibility allows for quick adaptation to a variety of applications and client specifications.

Certified and eco-friendly adhesives: Commitment to ecology and safety

In the gluing process, our machines enable the use of certified and environmentally safe adhesives. Our machines are designed to optimize adhesive consumption while ensuring strong and durable bonds. We are committed to maintaining the highest ecological standards while ensuring efficiency and reliability in the packaging production process.


modern low structure
complete adjustment of the machine to the most difficult work conditions
perfect solution for e-commerce packages


reliable, practical and modern construction,
complete adjustment of the machine to the most difficult work conditions,
perfect solution for e-commerce packages,


reliable, practical and modern construction
high quality of components
option of cold or hot adhesive bonding
easy operation


reliable design
high quality of components
option of cold or hot adhesive bonding,
easy operation


reliable design,
high quality of components,
option of cold or hot adhesive bonding,
easy operation,


reliable design,
high quality of components,
economic hot gluing,
small dimensions of the machine,


reliable design,
hot melt gluing,
easy operation,
easy maintenance and exchange of consumable components,
small dimensions, high potential.


modern, low structure,
high quality of components, easy maintenance,
option of cold or hot adhesive bonding,