Inspection machines

The offer of VERSOR ENGINEERING includes inspection machines that are innovative solutions and provide full control of a batch and verification of correctness of performance of cardboard packages. The inspection machines have a special visual system for the analysis of each package and comparison with the programmed template. The template is made based on the previously analyzed physical product or a graphic file. The main tasks of the inspections machines are rejecting and removing from the line those packages that do not meet pre-established quality standards. It is really important in case of packages intended for luxurious or pharmaceutical products.

To meet the needs and expectations of our clients in terms of the production of packages of the highest quality and precision, we offer reliable inspection devices of InSpeed type and special add-ons – “Inspector”. InSpeed is a device that is intended for an independent operation (offline) and it is a stand-alone inspection device altogether with a mode of removal of improper products that do not meet certain standards. “Inspector” are devices of the in-line type that may be joined together with VERSOR ENGINEERING folding and gluing machines and machines of other producers.


modern, innovative structure,
possibility of synchronization with any system of elimination of faulty components,


modern innovative structure,
independent, stand-alone device,