INSPECTOR is a well-made inspection machine as an add-on mounted before any folding and gluing machine. Altogether with an inspection system, it provides full control and verification over the proper performance of products. The main task of the device is the rejection and removal fro the line those packages that do not meet pre-established quality standards. It plays a special role in packages that are intended for luxurious or pharmaceutical products.


Thanks to the use of reputable inspection systems, the device provides diligent and precise quality control in a full production cycle. The device may be integrated with the system of rejection of packages. Joined to the systems of the elimination of faulty packages, the device warrants almost 100% of product quality.

The machine is equipped with a feeder, leveling section and an inspection module. The device is adjusted to the work with VERSOR ENGINEERING folding and gluing machine and the machines made by other producers.

The applied visual inspection system allows for verification of the quality of intermediate products both based on the PDF template and a delivered physical object.

The great advantage of INSPECTOR device is the fact that its assembly does not require great interference into the preceding device. INSPECTOR does not lower the efficiency of the base machine at no level.