VERSOR ENGINEERING is the company of over 30-year experience in designing and the production of modern machines applied in printing industry. The applicators offered by our company are made of the highest class materials and maximally adjusted to the requirements of current production – among others, to apply different kinds of tapes of various width on different kinds of surface. VERSOR ENGINEERING devices are innovative products equipped with a touch HMI panel and intuitive control system, which allow for immediate adjustment to the requirements of production.

The company’s assortment includes semi-automatic applicators and fully automated industrial applicators that are intended for batch production. The machines of the series of applicators may be equipped with automatic decoiling cabinets which makes faster and easier to reset a machine, and what is more to use spools of a bigger roll. The offer of VERSOR ENGINEEGING also includes applicators for simple gluing and folding. There is also the possibility to extend the machines of additional applicators and the system of hot-glue coating.

VERSOR applicators are distinguished by a modern and reliable structure and the highest quality of semi-components. Their maintenance is easy and the operation is intuitive. They are the machines of high efficiency that may be easily adjusted to the most difficult work conditions, so they are perfect for e-commerce industry.


modern compact design,
complete adjustment of the machine to the work in an office workplace (possible energy source 230VAC and in-built compressor),


modern, low structure,
possible adaptation of the machine to any folding-gluing machine,


modern structure,
complete adjustment of the machine to the most difficult work conditions,