Other products

We are a renowned manufacturer in the industrial sector, especially valued in the printing industry. To meet our clients’ needs, we continuously strive to expand our offer with modern solutions aimed at optimizing and automating production processes. We deliver high-quality base machines that find application in many areas of the industry, and we place equal emphasis on the development and improvement of additional accessory devices. These innovative products are not only a complement to the basic machines but also a key element influencing the increase in efficiency, precision, and safety in production processes. Among the offered additions are devices designed to extend the functionality of standard equipment, supporting and streamlining critical stages such as the reception and packaging of finished products. Thanks to these, the processes become much faster and more efficient, which is invaluable especially in the case of automated production lines and applications with elevated requirements.


The additional products available in our offer not only contribute to the acceleration of manual packaging reception processes but also significantly facilitate the processing of materials with unusual properties. Their application also allows for the effective elimination of defective packages or contaminants from the production line, thereby ensuring a higher quality of the final product. Moreover, the innovative accessory devices offered by VERSOR ENGINEERING allow for the application of Braille markings on the packaging surface, significantly increasing product accessibility for blind and visually impaired people, while also meeting important regulatory requirements.

In this way, by expanding its portfolio with additional accessory devices, VERSOR ENGINEERING proves its commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions supporting the modern printing industry and other sectors where high quality and efficiency of production processes are key.

HANDYMATIC is a high-class conveyor designed to assist in the reception and packaging of glued packages, made from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency. The offer is complemented by other advanced machines and systems dedicated to the packaging industry:

Braille Matic – this innovative module allows for the embossing of Braille on packaging, which is crucial for the accessibility of products for blind and visually impaired people. It provides high precision embossing, translating into readability and compliance with legal requirements.

Vision Control System – an advanced visual inspection product system that increases the productivity of production lines and ensures a higher quality of products introduced to the market. Thanks to the use of modern cameras and image processing algorithms, this system is capable of detecting even the smallest defects and inconsistencies.

Glue Pot Module – a cold glue application system equipped with a servo-driven applicator nozzle. It allows for precise and efficient glue application, which is crucial in production processes requiring the gluing of packaging elements.

Plasmatronic – a thermal activation system for blanks made from treated semi-finished products. PLASMATRONIC allows for significantly better gluing results, thanks to the use of advanced thermal technology that improves the adhesive properties of materials.

Faulty Packaging Ejection System – specialized systems for the automatic removal of defective packages from the production line. Available in various versions, adapted to the specifics of the client’s production line, allowing for effective prevention of introducing products to the market that do not meet quality standards.

Each of these machines has been designed with the real needs of packaging manufacturers in mind, ensuring not only production efficiency but also contributing to raising the quality standards of products. Thanks to the modular construction and the possibility of integration with existing production lines, the customer has the ability to adapt their production facility to current needs and market trends, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the market.


HANDYMATIC is a top-of-the-line material conveyor designed to assist in the collection and packaging of glued-on packaging.