HANDYMATIC is a top-of-the-line material conveyor designed to assist in the collection and packaging of glued-on packaging. The machine is designed for use with any type of folding and gluing machine. The ability to use the machine in a versatile way will significantly speed up the production process.


    1. Material:

    Solid cardboard: maximal 800 g/m²,

    Corrugated cardboard, microwave cardboard: N, F, E, B.

    1. Sizes of products:

    Packaging width after gluing: minimal 40, maximal 450 [mm],

    Packaging length after gluing: minimal 75, maximal 450 [mm].

    With its extensive support of the capabilities of the device throughout the production process, you can minimize costs by reducing the number of employees you need to operate. The advantages of the device are also the possibility of synchronization with each base machine. It is also important to be able to adjust the machine quickly and easily (including adjusting machine height), and to move the machine easily and to feed it with power independently. These qualities make the HANDYMATIC a success for the most demanding customers.