World-renowned and valued manufacturer of machines and equipment used in the printing industry.

VERSOR ENGINEERING is a world-renowned and valued manufacturer of machines and equipment used in the printing industry. The company has been continuously operating in the sector of packages production and printing for over 30 years. Its focus is on the development and production of reliable printing machinery. The company places particular emphasis on innovative solutions, materials of the highest quality and precise adjustment to clients’ needs.

Producer of printing machines and devices

Our team is built by highly qualified specialists of vast thorough technical knowledge and long-term experience. Present company’s activities are mostly directed to the constant development and specialization in non-standard structures. Our company strives for the design and production of machines and devices of the highest quality and durability on the market. We use the latest software for the production process. We also have the highly-specialized department of CNC mechanical processing and we also implement detailed procedures for quality control at each stage of production. Therefore we succeed to introduce failure-free machines to the market which reliability is appreciated by more and more clients. The products that are offered by VERSOR ENGINEERING are unique because of their above-average durability, modern design and ease of operation and maintenance. The highest precision that is given to the performance of components and uncompromising quality control at each stage of production add up to the reliability of the final product.

Machines for paper and cardboard processing – the flexibility of production

We have our own R&D department, where high-end specialists work in the design and manufacture of printing machinery. This directly influences the highest quality and innovativeness of the products offered to the market. It also allows for flexibility of production, possible implementation of non-standard solutions and personalized structures. VERSOR ENGINEERING company cooperates with Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze (a certified military aviation facility) by the production of various galvanic surface coatings, hydro-abrasive cutting and varnishing. These operations are performed according to the norms binding for aviation, and the machines that are designed and made within this activity meet rigorous quality requirements.

Printing devices – VERSOR ENGINEERING

VERSOR ENGINEERING is a leader in the production of printing machinery both in Poland and abroad. We offer a wide range of products, services and solutions. Our extensive range includes, among others, folding and gluing machines, tape and glue applicators, inspection machines, modern die cutters and auxiliary devices and packaging support, video control systems, and the devices used for stamping Braille’s alphabet. We also offer highly specialized devices which may be assembled in lines altogether with our glueing machines. The VERSOR brand is known around the world for its premium portfolio. However, we are not only valued for the reliability of our products and the flexibility of production, but also for professional technical advice and professional warranty and out-of-warranty service.