ARISTO: Modern carton folder-gluer

ARISTO is a highly efficient machine of a compact, low structure which has the option of cold or hot adhesive bonding of packages up to 6 points, even of the highest grammage. It distinguishes by the high speed of production with the possibility of immediate and comfortable resetting. ARISTO series is intended especially for those clients who expect uncompromising production parameters at minimal amounts of waste.


Unique Features of the ARISTO Series:

ARISTO is a 6-point folder-gluer that stands out with its impressive production speed, ranging from 200 m/min to 300 m/min. It is the ideal solution for companies that expect speed without sacrificing the quality of gluing. Thanks to its setup options, the ARISTO folder-gluer excels in production diversity. From 3-point, through 4-point, to the most advanced 6-point configurations, ARISTO provides flexibility tailored to every type and size of order.

The fully automated version of ARISTO significantly reduces setup time, which is crucial for quick production changes typical of the dynamically changing e-commerce packaging market.

As a carton folder-gluer, ARISTO is designed to work with a variety of materials, including solid board, micro-flute, and corrugated board, handling grammages from 80 to 800 g/m² and raw material heights up to 30 mm. Thanks to high-quality components and modern design, ARISTO ensures easy operation and minimizes the need for maintenance, translating into continuous and efficient production.

Additionally, ARISTO offers a wide range of standard working width configurations from 145 cm to 240 cm, enabling the perfect fit for the specific production needs of each company.

ARISTO is more than just a carton folder-gluer; it is a comprehensive production solution, designed with companies in mind that do not accept compromises in quality, efficiency, and production flexibility. Whether you need a machine configured for 3, 4, or 6 points — ARISTO offers thoughtful solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding production lines.

Sustainable Production with ARISTO Folder-Gluer

The ARISTO series is designed for companies that prioritize ecological and economical production management. Thanks to advanced technologies and precision craftsmanship, ARISTO guarantees uncompromising production parameters while minimizing waste. This is crucial for companies concerned about the environment as well as those looking to optimize production costs. Regardless of the size of the run, from small series to large production orders, ARISTO adapts to needs, ensuring not only high-quality packaging but also significant waste reduction. This versatile carton folder-gluer is the perfect solution for companies seeking ways to enhance their production efficiency while caring for sustainable development and reducing negative environmental impact. With ARISTO, sustainable production is no longer a challenge but a daily reality that benefits both the business and the planet.