VERSO ECO folding and gluing machine is a multi-function device designed for the needs of low-cost production which requires frequent changes to technology or the kind of orders. VARIO ECO is a perfect multi-function platform for different types of orders. The structure of the device allows for flexible adjustment to the tasks typical for current needs of packaging industry.

The machine in basic configuration has the option of cold or hot adhesive bonding of one-point and two-point packages.


Adequate configuration of VERSO ECO allows for a wider range of functionalities. Therefore, it will be possible to, for instance, glue packages with automatic bottom, packages of CD or Z-fold kind or loading self-adhesive tapes with the use of applicators produced by Versor company, and many other non-standard uses.

VERSO ECO is an economic machine of vast production capacities. Its compact design allows for immediate changes to semi-finished products.