The machines of VARIO series are intended for the production of e-commerce packaging.

VARIO device is meant for laying tapes in a fully automatic production cycle.

VARIO machine, thanks to its innovative structure, is also prepared for folding and gluing packages of e-commerce type. It is perfect for applying tapes on boxes made of carton or cardboard which allows for avoiding additional production processes with the use of a folding-gluing machine.


Specially designed dispensers of tapes allow for the application of semi-adhesive tapes as well as silicon tapes. The dispenser of semi-adhesive tapes allows for the use of one-sided and two-sided tapes, foam tapes, gel tapes, reinforced tapes and other tapes. Laying silicon tapes must be preceded by coating the product with pressure-sensitive adhesive PSA.

The control over the device is performed with the use of a user-friendly system of the interface joined with the base machine.

Additionally, it is possible to extend the machine with automatic decoilers. The decoilers may be used for much bigger tapes than for the machine of standard configuration. The application of such a type of accessory greatly improves the efficiency of the base machine, by lowering the number of necessary downtimes.